Natural gelling agent extracted from red algae often used to create solid pearls, gel spaghettis and jellies.
Natural thickener derived from glucose via fermentation often used to stabilize emulsions and thicken sauces and drinks.
Natural gelling agents derived from red algae, used to create smooth, elastic gels (iota carrageenan) or firm, brittle gels (kappa carrageenan).
Cold soluble gelatin that has the same textural properties and melt-in-the-mouth effect as traditional gelatin.
Gelling agents obtained via fermentation used to produce firm gels that slice cleanly and withstand high temperatures.​
Unsweet sugar mostly used in creative cooking as an aroma carrier, in the form of tasty powder that can be sprinkled over food preparations and dishes.
Natural emulsifier derived from cellulose, used to create denser foams and, when exposed to heat, to create gels that will melt as they cool down.
This carbonated sugar is an innovative fun ingredient to use as topping or filling in chocolates, desserts and ice creams.