Thanks to this technique, add a creamy touch to desserts, appetizers and side dishes.

Siphon whipping differs from emulsification in that foams can be made without using an emulsifying agent. The product resulting from siphon whipping is usually called espuma, derived from the Spanish word for “foam”.

The main additives that can be used in combinaison with a whipper are:
• xanthan gum
• gelatin
• soy lecithin

The culinary whipper has been used for a long time to make Chantilly cream, also known as whipped cream. To do this, the cream is first poured into the siphon. Then an oxide nitrous (N2O) cartridge is inserted into the device, which releases its gas inside the bottle. Pressurized gas bubbles then penetrate the fatty liquid. This is why the cream’s volume increases once the liquid has been ejected from the siphon. It is worth noting that the volume obtained is much greater than that achieved when using a whisk to make whipped cream.

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culinary whipper in use