Defy gravity by giving flavors a suspended twist. Be sure to check out our recipes to put these two techniques into practice.

The additive involved in the thickening & suspension processes is:
• xanthan gum

Thickening is not a new or spectacular culinary technique, but some thickening agents borrowed from the food processing industry are increasingly used in creative cuisine to add a slight touch of extravagance to dishes and cocktails! Without a doubt, xanthan gum is an additive that is becoming increasingly popular.

Due to its ability to replicate a creamy texture, xanthan gum is often used as a fat replacement in preparations. This creaminess is created by the bonds that join between the gum molecules, which form a network that traps air in the liquid preparation.

creamy sauce with xanthan gum

This same property is also used in molecular mixology whereby xanthan gum is added to cocktails to create a suspension effect. You can thus “suspend” fruit, herbs, or flavor caviar in a liquid.

suspended effect in a cocktail