Our MOLECULE-R all-in-one kits are perfect for cooking, cocktail or science enthusiasts. More than a simple gift, our kits are real experiences and above all a pretext to share good times with family and friends.

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An experience to share with your loved ones

The pleasure of discovering and learning new things together is what we thrive for!

Use our kits with your loved ones and enjoy making our recipes and experiments. But we also hope to inspire you to invent and create your own!

Looking for products from a Montreal business?

Our products are all designed and assembled in our city. MOLECULE-R was founded near you, more than 10 years ago by Jérôme and Jonathan. Today, it is in the Rosemont district that our small team works daily to make your molecular dream kits happen.

When you order on our website, we also offer you the possibility to come and collect your order directly from our office though the "Pick-up" option. Hope to see you there 😊