MOLECULE-R was created in 2009 in Montréal by Jérôme and Jonathan with only one mission: democratize Molecular Gastronomy!

We are proud to make molecular gastronomy accessible to all gourmets, via all-in-one kits, specialized tools and food additives. More broadly, we want to share with you our love for spectacular science. If you want more recipes and news from our company, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

molecular gastronomy democratized



1. Easy-to-use Kits

Always wanted to become a chef? Or to discover the secrets of Spectacular Science? Our MOLECULE-R kits have been designed for everyone and contain everything to get quick stunning results: instruction booklets, detailed recipes, specialized tools and plant-based additives. They are perfect for beginners!

2. Gifts

Want to please your loved ones by giving them an original and/or educational gift? Our all-in-one kits are perfect for cooks, cocktail enthusiasts, and even beginners. More than a simple gift, our kits are authentic experiences and above all, a pretext to share good times with family and friends. Giving a MOLECULE-R kit is also an opportunity to support a local Montreal company. If you don’t know which of our kits to choose, don’t panic! We also have gift cards with customizable amounts.

the perfect gift

3. Experience

More than just kits, our wish at MOLECULE-R is to offer you a genuine experience to share with your friends and family. The pleasure of discovering and learning new things together is what we thrive for! Use our kits with your loved ones and enjoy making our recipes and experiments. But we also hope to inspire you to invent and create your own.

share the experience with your loved ones

4. Designed & Assembled in Montreal

Looking for products from a local Montreal business? Our molecular gastronomy kits are all designed and assembled in Montreal! MOLECULE-R was founded near you more than 10 years ago by Jérôme and Jonathan. Our office is located in the Rosemont neighbourhood and it is here that our team works to make your molecular kits happen. When you order on our site, you can choose the option to ‘Pick Up’ your order directly at our office – Hope to see you soon! 😊

5. Recipes 

Have you always dreamed of preparing chef’s dishes at home? We are all about sharing and growing. That is why we hope to inspire you with hundreds of molecular gastronomy recipes! Vegetarian risotto, lemon pearls, reinvented Greek salad, or even cocoa deconstruction… We have arranged these recipes in different categories so that you can navigate them easily. Looking for more recipes and tips? You can also download our free digital cookbook or subscribe to our YouTube and Instagram channels.

molecular recipe

6. Techniques

Despite what some may think, molecular gastronomy is in no way opposed to traditional cooking! On the contrary, it uses knowledge and “know-hows” from classical cuisine and seeks to go further, to open-up horizons by bringing new textures and techniques. With our kits, you will learn to master spherification, emulsification and gelification. MOLECULE-R is there to explain these molecular techniques and give you some tips to master them.

learn molecular techniques

7. Additives

Today, the term “food additive” covers nearly 2,500 chemicals that are added to foods for specific purposes. This could be for preserving or for processing and enhancing flavour and/or colour. This list includes food colourings, stabilizers, acidifiers, preservatives, enzymes and texturing agents. It is this last class of food additives, texturing agents, that brings great pleasure to molecular gastronomy enthusiasts. Indeed, these agents help create culinary extravaganzas with unexpected surprises every time! We’ve gathered them on this page, so you can learn more!