We can define molecular gastronomy as the fusion between food science and culinary arts. New technologies and texturing agents can now deconstruct any dish or cocktail. All this thanks to spectacular molecular techniques and specific food additives. Despite what some may think, molecular cuisine is in no way opposed to traditional cooking! On the contrary, it uses knowledge and “know-hows” from classical cuisine and seeks to go further, to open-up horizons by bringing new textures and techniques.

At MOLECULE-R, we’ve decided 10 years ago to share our love for molecular gastronomy. To do so, we’ve democratized it through easy-to-use kits. We are a proud local Montréal company that designs them and assembles them in our vibrant city. To get started, we would suggest starting your journey by learning more about the main molecular techniques and the additives. Get inspiration from our delicious recipes.

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